Regional Electrical Boards

GK Switchgear have for many years supplied the Electricity Board industry with Main Intake Panels, Current Transformer Chambers and Distribution Boards.


GK Switchgear can also complete projects with the option of using Schneider Powerpact 4 MCCB Panelboard, which is ideal for installations where space is restricted, or few outgoing circuits are required. This is a Form 3b Type 2 Board which we can provide full fitting of all MCCB’s, Metering and Surge protection.


To offer a complete project package or even a small addition to existing projects GK Switchgear Can provide MCB boards fully fitted with MCB’s, RCBO’s, Split Load Metering and Emergency Lighting controls.


Connection Providers e.g. UK Power Networks, SSE, Western Power, Northern PowerGrid, SPN, Electricity Northwest and any Independent Connection Provider (ICP) only provide a single ‘bulk’ unmetered connection.
Metering equipment (apart from the actual CT meter) e.g. CT’s, CT chambers, remote metering panels etc. are more commonly the responsibility of the electrical contractor.
Meter operators provide meters only and do not provide wire or install CT’s, CT chambers or remote metering panels.
We can provide metering advice and provide & install any associated equipment e.g. CT’s, CT chambers and remote metering panels.
Current Transformer Chambers from 200A to 1600A are NORMALLY held in stock for next day delivery.


GK switchgear Ltd design/supply various sized boards comprising ‘J’ type and series 7 Fuse carriers and Bases.
Fuseboards are specifically designed for multi-house arrangements and especially in the cities in the UK there are many such buildings, there are many applications for these distribution boards.
New build properties with many flats, where you can split the energy from the main panel to the individual flats.
Commercial buildings where 3 Phase electrical current is incoming and there’s the need to distribute it to big energy consumers.
Due to our in-house fabrication facilities, we can design and build to meet your requirements from boards 1W to 36W and more. Boards can also be designed to have riser sections, Isolators and Surge Protection.


Auto transfer switches are handy devices that automatically switch power sources during outages. They’re commonly used in backup power systems, ensuring a smooth transition between the main power and secondary power sources.
Single line and Dual line bypass systems are also available.