Panel Modifications/Retro Fitting

As Governments and organisations wake up to the need for greater energy efficiency, there is a growing energy requirement which, by virtue of the lack of capacity in the UK distribution grid, may drive unreliability and a lack of security of supply.

At the same time and due to current economic factors, commercial pressures are also growing on companies to maximise their plant utilisation and minimise their plant lifetime cost, often with legacy or outdated equipment.

GK Switchgear is highly experienced in upgrading and retrofitting existing LV switchgear to extend life and ensure that business has the reliable power it requires for growth. Retrofit is a realistic option to maximise equipment life whilst keeping system disruption and capital spend to a minimum, allowing businesses to remain in existing facilities until markets recover.

Some of the more regular modifications we do are:
- Lightning Protection Devices (TVSS)
- Multifunction Meter Installations
- MCCB Additions/Replacements
- ACB Replacements
- Control Alterations (Automatic and Manual Changeover systems, G99)