Package Sub Stations

Package Sub Stations

Standard Package Substations normally incorporate either an incoming HV Switch or HV Cable Termination Box coupled to the Cast Resin Transformer, which is directly connected to the main switchboard via an internal busbar forming an integral part of the switchgear giving a complete technical and clean solution.

The complete designed package is fully engineered to meet current BSEN standards. The entire unit can be installed on site very quickly by our experienced Engineers and tested ready for the contractor to terminate to. This product is a neat and effective engineering solution for almost any installation.

Package Substations Features and Options:

  • Transformers with either copper or aluminium windings
  • Transformers from all the main manufactures including ABB, Schneider, SGB, TMC, Zucchini Legrand plus other manufacturers ranges.
  • G99
  • Routine full-factory witness testingĀ 

Package Substation Benefits

A Package Substation is a fully integrated close-coupled system, which can save time, space and money when compared to a de-coupled system. The connections from a remote transformer may require a lengthy cable or bus bar runs to reach the LV Switchboard, which can be expensive. Situating a cast resin transformer directly next to a suitably rated switchboard might be an attractive option.

Package Substations are an efficient option to select when a large amount of power is required to feed a site with distributed LV especially when the customer site has access to a suitably rated high voltage power supply. This high voltage power supply is usually fed from a Distribution Network Operator (DNO) owned and operated sub-station or as stated above, a site owned HV Network, depending on the situation.